About us

We have a 3 man crew, all grandfathers, with an average age of 56. All 3 have a long experience of life at sea and have spent many years rowing, sailing, kayaking and, more recently, ocean rowing.

Our goal is to start and finish as a team and as friends. Despite the hardships we will face, we will support one another and hopefully appreciate our isolation and the vast ocean in all its moods.  

We look forward to sharing our experience with the families, supporters, suppliers and all the people who follow us on our journey these next months on the Gulf Stream, heading for the Faroe Islands.

JAKUP JACOBSEN is 58 and a family man from Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands. At present, he lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife Gunvá. They have 2 children Gudrun and Magnus and a grandson, Baldur.

Jakup was part of a crew who rowed 300 miles from Scotland to Faroes in 2015.

Link https://www.facebook.com/havrodur

In 2018, he skippered an ocean row of 4200 miles from Portugal to Cuba, spending 74 days at sea. Link https://www.facebook.com/rowforwatercharity

Jákup is the project manager, skipper on the expedition and rower.

EDMUND BERG is 51 and also a family man from Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands. He is the technical manager on the expedition and rower. He lives now in Hvalvík, Faroe with his wife, Hallfríd.

They have 7 children and 9 grandchildren.

Edmund was part of the 2018 crew that rowed a new route from Portugal to Cuba in 74 days.

NEIL BLACKEBY is 60 and from North Cornwall, England. Neil lives with his wife Wendy and they have 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter between them from previous marriages.

Neil rowed across the Atlantic in 2015 with his friend, Hamish Stewart, from the Canary islands to Antigua, spending 65 days at sea.

Next year he is part of a 4 person crew who will attempt to row from California to Hawaii.

Neil is the boat medic, safety manager, nutritionist and rower.

The router

Our weather router on the expedition is Hanus Kjølbro from Vidareidi in the Faros islands.

He has lifelong experience of the north Atlantic ocean currents and weather conditions.

His base and background are in the Faroe Islands.

Our supervisor in Florida

Hjalgrím Joensen (Hal) is our contact in Florida – the man for us to go to.

Hal suggested that we use the gulf stream to our advantage for this row and we changed our plan to row from New York to the new route, Florida to Faroes.

Jákup and Hal met in 2018 after Jakup’s previous row from Portugal to Cuba and they became friends. Gunvá and Jákup were lucky to be able to maintain contact with Hal after the Portugal to Cuba row. Hal was born and raised in Klaksvík in the Faroe Islands.

The short story of Hal is:

When Hal was 19, he left his hometown to became a sailor, the world took him in its arms. He never looked back, but never forgot his roots. He sailed as a machine officer around the globe.

He met his Danish wife, Selma, at the age of 25 and they got married and had 4 children – 1 son and 3 daughters. Selma and Hal settled down in USA. For the last 30 years they have lived in Davie, Florida. Today Hal is 92 years and lives in the same house along with his son. His two daughters live nearby with their family and one daughter lives in Texas with her family. Selma passed away last year.

Hal now spends his free time out in his boat.