Crew message to family and friends

We are sorry to have given our families and loved ones these worries the last days. It must have been very hard and long hours for you sitting home waiting and not knowing about our situation, and wait for “the phone call” who gives you the message, if we did make it or not.

Thank you to all of you who followed, supported and prayed for us on this journey. A special thanks to the captain and his crew of Nordic Qinngua, who did a fantastic job during the rescue. We are impressed how the captain handled this more than 220 meters long ship in a precision-like a ballet-dancer in the wild ocean this day.

We were in the life raft 8 hours. The rescue operation took around 3 hours. Because of a fantastic job of the captain and his crew, we just had to climb the pilot ladder from the wild ocean to the ship. We have to admit, it was not the easiest climb we have done in our life. With good help from the crew, we made it with out a scratch on our body. A special thanks to our wives and families who are waiting for us. We are looking forward to come home to give you a hug and never let go again.


Jákup and Edmund