Crew news #6

Hi everyone!

News from the crew. We’ve had 3 tough days with headwinds again, and we have used our para anchor these days. On saturday, 13th of August, the crew excepted to make progress again – and looking at their GPS on our web page – it does seem like good progress has been made.

The crew sends their regards, and last week the saw 2 large basking sharks, which was a beautiful sight.

And a group of pods have been continuously been following our rowing for a couple of days, which is always a good sight.

The crew mentioned, that while the headwinds have been on them for the last couple of days, they’ve instead had a chance to sit back, eat good food and relax, until the weather comes in their favor again.

The current ETA to Faroe Islands is on the 9th of September. 74% of the journey is completed.