Crew news #5 – Estimator

Hi everyone,

There hasn’t been much news to share recently, but the crew sends their best wishes and continues mentioning their well being is good, their spirit is still good and that progress is steadily being made.

The progress is heavily affected by how the weather is, and their shift is made up in 2 hours by 2 hours shifts 24/7. The only recent change in behavior, is that Jákup is now cooking food for both of them, which means that Edmund is rowing 10 minutes more each shift.

This also means, that they are now eating regularly together before each shifts ends, and are enjoying the food and socialization together.

The journey is estimated to be 68% completed now, and with current progress, they are estimating to be in the Faroes at 7th september.

Estimation calculator for this week, 6th of August: