News from the crew

Hi everyone!

Some short news from the crew.

Some of these news have already been published in Faroese and Danish, but here is the English version.

On june 4th, our crew mate Neil Blackeby unfortunately became sick, and had to leave the boat. The Coast Guard came with helicopter and took him to the shore. We currently have no news about his wellbeing, but we will update if we hear news from him.

Jákup Jacobsen and Edmund Berg is doing well, and the motivation is good. We hit a record speed of 8.4kn, and are moving with great speed.

We hit some headwinds, and used our anchor for 2 days, but we are now rowing again with great speed.

We’ve updated our tracking details, so we are again showing location every 2 hours for a while.

We have requested news from the crew for this week, and will update you in English again soon.

All the best from the crew.