About Us

As a world first, we will attempt to row the Gulf Stream from where starts, all the way from Florida to near its end at the Faroe Islands in the north Atlantic. It is a distance of approximately 4,100 nautical miles.

There are many claims about “the hardest row, the toughest oceans…

At some time, every person has their own ocean to cross or mountain to climb, often not through choice and it is these challenges in everyday life that can be the “toughest”.

We are in the privileged position to choose our challenge. Our research of this particular route tells us that we can never be too well-prepared.

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Our goal is to start and finish as a team and as friends. Despite the hardships we will face, we will support one another and hopefully appreciate our isolation and the vast ocean in all its moods.  

We look forward to sharing our experience with the families, supporters, suppliers and all the people who follow us on our journey these next months on the Gulf Stream, heading for the Faroe Islands.


Our Journey

We are rowing from Florida to Faroe Islands, which is considered one of the hardest rowing journey in the world.

The distance of the journey is estimated to be around 4.100 nautical miles, and will start from where the Gulf Stream starts, to roughly where it ends; at Faroe Islands. 

With great spirit, we are estimating it to take around 64 days to complete. We have food supply for 90 days, and are expecting to do over a million rows each to finish the journey. Througout the journey, we will keep you posted on this website and on our facebook page.


The saying

"Why would you do that?"

All 3 of the crew want to close up a thing or two. Before we move on to the next level in lift we are closing our friendship and row a “first time ever row”.

We take the Golf Stream and ride it from where it starts and ride it to the Faroe Islands.